Looking to self-publish your book? Whether you are publishing your memoirs, a children’s book, novel or a marketing tool for your business we will start with making sure that we create the right plan for you.

You will be working with experienced editors, book designers, printers so that you have a professional-quality whether it be a softcover book, hardcover book or/an ebook.  Our aim will be that your publishing experience will be worry-free as well as affordable. Check out the testimonials and click here to see some of our results of recent authors. You—the author — will be the legal publisher and retain all creative, financial and legal rights for the book. Established authors are going this route because it makes sense.

Get Started

Whether you have a book in your head or one that’s committed to paper please call me for a chat to learn what is involved and also how to avoid needless expenses and delays. Reach out to me via e-mail me at and we will arrange a time to talk.


Meet Me Before I Meet You

I have been a registered graphic designer since 2003 and a certified coach with extensive experience in custom and creative design, branding and marketing of books. My joy/specialty is in creating covers that will make your book stand out. Click here to see some of the covers I have designed. Click here to see more background info.