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Logos — Win the Eye, Then the Heart, and Then the Mind

Look at your logo image through the eyes of a customer rather than through your eyes. How will your audience perceive your company through the first introductory marketing event — whether it’s on a business card or via the Worldwide Web.

Why not get it right the first time? If you follow the strategies, tips and pointers below, you are on the way to creating a business identity that will last your business/organization a life time.

Think BIG …. Think LONG TERM when looking for a new or a redesigned logo for your business or organization. Colours, shapes and fonts that are incorporated into your logo play an integrate part of your branding. Your logo needs to be simple enough to embroider on shirts and caps as well as a business/organization investment.

You’ve decided that your organization or company needs a logo … either to enhance your established image or to create a new one. You may need a logo design repair, or a completely new custom design. If you have an existing logo, decide what you like/dislike about it then search out other logos that you “love”. This will help us see your style and vision.

Consider the future use of your logo (stationery design, etc) when deciding on colour. Some logo designs “scream” a particular colour (ie. a tree with purple leaves just wouldn’t cut it unless your company was named “The Purple Tree”) but an abstract or font based logo can incorporate colors you find attractive. Reproduction costs (ie printing, screen printing) can increase with the number of colours used so be sure and talk with us if final output costs are a concern.

Think outside the box, think long term, think simple. A logo should be able to grow with your company and not limit it’s marketing abilities.

Your logo design must allow you to size your logo from very, very small (on a ball point pen) to very, very large (a trade show back drop). This is called a “vector format” and artwork created this way so it can be scaled to any size without losing quality. (Again, think long term…just because your company/organization does not do trade shows today does not mean you never will.)

You never get to make a first impression twice! So make it a good one!

I’ve had so much wonderful feedback

Dear Evelyn:
I want to thank you so much for all the work you did in getting Monty’s Soggy Day published. The finished book is a product of which you and I can be proud. I’ve had so much wonderful feedback and am excited to be working on my second book, Monty’s Midnight Meows, now. I know that this series is in good hands with you at the helm. Many thanks again,
Chris Inrig

I highly recommend her workshops.

Evelyn’s  “Write That Book” workshop was excellent! Her knowledge and expertise came through clearly and she engaged the whole group with their own stories. The time went by in a flash! I highly recommend her workshops.

Great working with you!

Hi Evelyn, On behalf of the Canadian Healthcare Association, I am providing you with your complimentary copy “Guidelines to Canadian Healthcare Facilities”. I would also like to take the opportunity to personally thank you. Your knowledge and expertise has been invaluable to our projects. I look forward to working with you again on our next project. Sincerely, Claire

Artistic, creative, beautiful, great logo

Two more compliments on my new logo in the last few days. Artistic, creative, beautiful, great … those are the words I hear said about it. Thanks again for making me look so good!

So pleased with working with you

First, I’d like to apologize for forcing a hug upon you, as it wasn’t very professional.  But, I was on such an emotional high that I couldn’t help myself.  I wished to show my good feeling towards you, and was so excited that it just came out.

Bringing energy and passion to each book she works on

Evelyn Budd knows more secrets about designing a book than anyone I know. She knows the nuts and bolts of what it takes to make a book sell. We worked together at Budd Publishing and I know from first-hand experience the energy and passion she brings to each book she works on.

Really enjoyed your Publishing Workshop

Thanks Evelyn, I really enjoyed your Publishing Workshop. It was like a day at the spa with the conversation, food and surroundings!

The book and postcard are both complete stunners

Your insight and applied expertise made the difference and gave them an elite standard.  Working with you was, well, great.  Your guidance and patience along with your skill set and logical mind really does set you apart.  Talking shop was great too, as I rarely if ever get to hash it out with another person.  The changes we made and your input have reverberated to my web page which is now also stronger.

Sales of my novel are exceeding all expectations and my speaker’s career is now doing great

As a neophyte novelist I was privileged to be guided by Evelyn through the process of publishing my manuscript, “Riding the Tides of Life”. She recruited a professional editor, designed an eye-catching cover and easy-to-read interior layout and ensured that it was printed to professional standards. The sales of my novel are exceeding all expectations and my speaker’s career is now doing great. Thank you Evelyn!