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Never Far – Book 2

by Catherine Grove

Passionate Janet Blythe is a frontier-raised, resourceful woman of principle. Amid post-war turmoil in British America, Janet has little choice but return to her ambitious family, in Regency England. Dodging their schemes and defying their authority, she risks scandal to follow her heart. Is this possible in a world where men hold all the power?


An entrepreneur and scientist, Catherine Grove is a romantic at heart. Adventures weave the fabric of her storytelling; dreams and hope drive her characters. Tales of overcoming and reconciliation intrigue Catherine. An avid historian, she enjoys traveling back in time with her readers, reliving past worlds and drawing inspiration for today’s challenges.

Praise for Never Far

“Wow! Beautifully woven story of a Canadian woman trapped in the complex world of Regency Britain. I really geeked out about all the historical and cultural details…and you took on some dark and timely issues in a powerful way. Engaging!”
Isabel Desjardins Remus
“A well-written novel bringing me into the early 1800’s where I felt part of the scene. The heroine is a young somewhat feisty woman struggling with important life issues that many woman are still facing today.”
Colleen Ruby, RN (Psychiatry) Missionary (OMF), Pastor’s wife
“Just finished your book and we surely enjoyed it! In following your characters, we felt we were back in time. You are a gifted writer and we look forward to your next book. Well done!”
Jim and Gloria Wilson
“Catherine Grove’s second novel leads us through a love story filled with emotion, culture and historical reliability that moves from the Canadian Frontier to the English Countryside.”
Carl Ruby, Missionary (OMF) Pastor, Teacher, BA, BTh, MTh
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• An Absolute Delight! —Frieda Watt, author, The Displaced: Fall of a Fortress

• A heroine after my own heart! —Atiya Hussain, documentary film maker

Never Forget – Book 1

by Catherine Grove

Early Spring 1814, on the American-Canadian Frontier, Janet Blythe continues the work of her murdered father caring for wounded of both sides of a bitter war. Compassion is not treason. Wills clash between Janet and a war-hardened British Navy Officer, James Cliveton, when he brings casualties ashore to die. His determination to obey duty is confronted by Janet’s desire for true justice. Family scandal, terrible secrets and a twist of fate make their worlds collide. Will the ghosts of the past claim their due? Or will Janet discover life demands a battle all its own?


• An Absolute Delight! —Frieda Watt, author, The Displaced: Fall of a Fortress

• A heroine after my own heart! —Atiya Hussain, documentary film maker

• Never Forget brings to life a dormant world in a captivating, unpredictable and timeless way. —Samuelle Grove, photographer, Instagram: @samuellephotography

• A fun romp through a really interesting part of Canadian history. —Becca Madore

• Well, Catherine, I just finished reading Never Forget and enjoyed it very much. I truly think you are our Canadian Jane Austin. I look forward to reading the second half. —Aalia Hussain

• A book that reminds us of the personal and everyday in history and the lives of those who lived it. The story explores universal struggles that are very relevant to today’s climate. —Amy Wood

Never Forget is an easy and enjoyable read. Being a historical novel, it carries one back in time to discover that human nature and the cultural, economic, and personal challenges Janet faced, remain today. Good work Catherine. A really good story. —Joyce Hum, author/artist, christian outreach worker.


Our Family Story

by Pearl Heatley Peterkin & Peggy Heatley Armbruster

A beautiful story of the Heatley family that came to Canada from England in 1874 and the Bowyer family that came in 1906. Beautifully written and published. The family gathered during the summer of 2016 to celebrate the launch of this precious family story and to celebrate a Pearl’s four score and ten birthday.








The Truth behind the Badge

by Pamela Robinson

Pam Roe, later Robinson, was unprepared for her role as the first female police officer in the City of Gloucester, a small city in Eastern Ontario. Going from a life of fun, friends and summertime frolic along the shores of the St. Lawrence to the everyday miseries of the underside of life made her toughen up quickly. And each day, as she did her job, she withstood the sideways looks, snide remarks and silent antagonism of men who feared she was a threat to them in their careers. She endured. This is her memoir…

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Silver, Saddles and Snow

by Eileen C. Blair

Blackburn author Eileen Blair is pleased to present her first novel — a historical fiction set in 1920. Alicia is sixteen, in love with an unsuitable man and found in a compromising situation with him.  She knows she is leaving a life of privilege…and her one true love. She didn’t have a choice! She comes to Canada and a life full of adventure with many twists and turns.

“Blend of history and mystery—a great read!” Marilyn Fraser

“Beautiful captivating story” Michèle Guertin

“Thoroughly entertaining!” Diane Lavigne

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Walk the Talk – First Responder Peer Support

Printby Brad McKay and Syd Gravel

The book everyone has been asking for. Developed by using over 55 years of experience and knowledge by two titans in the peer support and trauma management world and best-known speakers on police trauma survival.

Staff Sergeant (ret’d.) Brad McKay co-founder of the York Regional Quad-Services Critical Incident and Peer Support Teams and Staff Sergeant (ret’d.) Sylvio (Syd) Gravel, M.O.M., co-founder of the Ottawa Police Service’s Robin’s Blue Circle—an informal post shooting trauma peer team in existence since 1988. Both have been giving lectures and speeches on peer support and trauma management for years and now they have put all of their knowledge in Walk the Talk—First Responder Peer Support.

It addresses:

  • Protecting Society’s Protectors
  • Assessing an Organization’s Awareness
  • Getting Management Onside
  • Organizational Pre-Hiring Preparedness
  • Organizational Support for Families
  • Middle Management Leadership
  • Developing CISM Teams
  • Developing Peer Support Teams
  • Staffing CISM and Peer Support Teams
  • Organizational Training for CISM and Peer Support Teams
  • How a CISM and Peer Support System Can Work
  • Walking the Talk – The Last Word
  • Survivor’s Testimonials

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Pick Me!by Doreen MacDonald

Pick Me!

Perfect gift for a Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day or just about any time you want to put a smile on someone’s face!

by Doreen MacDonald

From an early age Doreen knew being creative was in her blood. She recalls making homemade Christmas cards with her mum and that is when she knew she was hooked.  She also discovered sewing as a child and recognized the thrill of creating something unique.

And then life happened and creativity was put on the back burner.  It was during this time that she was introduced to journaling and found it very therapeutic and a great release.  It was through her journaling that she rediscovered watercolours. She filled books with her artwork but ….the books just sat there.  It was then that she recognized she needed the end result of her creativity to not only be unique but also useful.  She started to use her watercolour sketch books as the background for journaling.

She journaled to clear her head, express her thoughts and to build her dreams.  And so, with much hard work and patience Doreen has brought to you Pick Me! – a journal created just for you!

Doreen hopes the colours on the pages inspire you to express your gratitude, your dreams, hopes and desires!

Contact Doreen MacDonald at   (in the westend of Ottawa) to purchase and have it shipped to you if your wish or if in the eastend you may pick a copy up from Evelyn ( and pick up at 5729 Kemplane Court, Blackburn Hamlet, Ottawa, Ontario.


Hypoglycemia: The Other Sugar Disease

AnitaFlegg_Hypoglycemia_TheOtherSugarDiseaseby Anita Flegg; Foreword by Dr. Ron Rosedale, MD

Hypoglcemia, a precursor of Type II diabetes, affects at least 25% of North Americans. Stop suffering wi low blood sugar. This book is filled with dozens of real-life practical tips so you can feel better and take control of your life and health. Includes a workbook to teach you step by step.

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Addiction Heartbreak   

Addiction Heartbreak *by Doreen Dyet

A beautifully written story of a young woman who lived the nightmare of dealing with a loved one’s addiction of cocaine.


“Addiction Heartbreak” is a deeply personal account of Krista’s journey from euphoria to heartbreak at the realization that the man she has recently married – the love of her life – is caught in the clutches of addiction.  What follows is a thoughtful and considerate description of how she regains control of her life even as she watches her husband’s life spin out of control.  An invaluable resource. ~ Ruth McEwan

I have read your book and could not put it down. I liked the way you played with the timeline going forward and backward. I think the way you explained Krista’s frequent second-guessing herself, and her involvement and education in treatment methods and AA really will help someone who is suffering, not just with an addict, but with relationship struggles. I commend you! ~ Virginia Dupuis

A very poignant story illustrating that not withstanding our best efforts and loving intentions it can be difficult to help those we love. The story is told in a very personal way and highlights the suffering of both the addict and those around him. A great book that was difficult to put down. ~ Christiane Dixon

Book and ebook available on, Amazon.caBarnes and Noble and other online bookstores.

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Series: The Adventures of Monty and Bella


I like Bella. I want Monty. I like the pictures very much. I like reading about Monty and Bella at least twice, each bedtime. I thought the book might break, so I used lots and lots of tape to ‘fix’ it. I also like Scott’s ladder. But really, I like Monty. Silly kitty.“ Abigaëlle, age 3

I love the stories and the pictures. I love them so much. Monty is a very funny cat!” Florence, age 4

I like that Monty gets into cool adventures. It’s fun to find the feathers on each page. Everett, age 5

We hope you enjoy this part of Monty’s adventure!


Monty’s Soggy Day 

Monty's Soggy Day written by Christine Inrig and illustrated by Heather Burrill

written by Christine Inrig & illustrated by Heather Burrill

This little story is a true story written after Monty arrived home one day – soggy – all over soggy. Why, I wondered, was he wet with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. So I asked him, and this story is what we came up with together.

Also included is information on all the birds, animals flowers and plants that you will find on the beautifully illustrated pages.

Have you seen a crow feather in your Monty and Bella book? Well, Heather Burrill (the wonderful lady who painted all the pictures) and I decided it would be fun to have you find the feather in each picture in the story. I’m sure, that if you look really hard, you’ll find it.
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Monty’s Midnight Meows

Monty's Soggy Day Written by Christine Inrig and illustrated by Heather Burrill

written by Christine Inrig & illustrated by Heather Burrill

A story of being lost then lovingly found, with an adventure through the night sky from Monty’s fanciful imagination. A fun educational Monty and Bella tale for the whole family to share.

Sustainable Eastern Ontario is a network organization that fosters partnerships and collaborations on sustainability activities throughout Eastern Ontario.
We support on the ground environmental projects, including night sky conservation initiatives because we know that when people spend time in nature, it can inspire them to tread more lightly on the earth.

Monty’s Midnight Constellation Sightings — This next part of Monty’s Midnight Meows shows two different versions of some constellations in the
northern summer’s night sky.
There is the original Greek constellation name and small description, followed by Monty’s interesting and imaginative interpretation of the same constellation of stars.
Of course, he has changed the names because this is what he sees when he looks up in the summer sky.
You may wish to read more on astronomy (astronomy is the study of natural objects visible in the sky) and can do so by going to your local library or by having someone read to you from the articles on the internet.

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Monty’s Christmas Caper

Monty's Christmas Caper— Written by Christine Inrig and illustrated by Heather Burrill

written by Christine Inrig & illustrated by Heather Burrill

A fun book for the whole family. Discover what happens to Monty AND learn the many animal footprints and who they belong to in the story.

Sustainable Eastern Ontario is a network organization that fosters partnerships and collaborations on sustainability activities throughout Eastern Ontario.
We support on the ground environmental projects, including night sky conservation initiatives because we know that when people spend time in nature, it can inspire them to tread more lightly on the earth.

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The Internment Story

The Internment Story by Fred Fletcher
by Fred Fletcher
Frederick (Fritz) Fleischer wrote and told many stories to his grandchildren. His daughter decided to publish these amazing stories as a gift for her two sons. Included on the cover and inside are some of the paintings that Fred did during his time in the Internment camps.

Frederick (Fritz) Fleischer was born in Stadlau, a suburb of Vienna, Austria on June 7, 1909. His father was a pharmacist who died when Fritz was 12 years old. Fritz and his mother moved into the city where Fritz later attended the University of Vienna and studied law. He was an article clerk in Vienna when Hitler moved into Austria. His mother convinced him to leave Austria because it could become potentially dangerous for him to stay. He moved to London, England to stay with Sigmund Freud, the uncle of his friend Harry Freud.

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HERITAGE — THE BIG SWAMP by Robert (Bob) James Griffin
by Robert James Griffin
Personal note from author Bob Griffin: After helping my dad, Lewis Griffin write an historical and personal account of the settlement on Gananoque Lake I wanted to put pen to paper to preserve not only my heritage but rather the heritage of hundreds of other families and individuals who have found the same peace and joy that I experience each day when I arrive at the lake.

For more information about HERITAGE — THE BIG SWAMP: The Life Journey of Robert James Griffin, please click here.

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The Big Swamp

by Lewis Richmond Griffin with Robert James Griffin
The yarn that you are about to read, written by my father Lewis Richmond Griffin, spans a period of approximately two hundred years, beginning with the arrival from Vermont of John Griffin who settled in the area.

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The Adventure of Red

The Adventures of Red by Monique Martell, Illustrations by Jim Boucher
by Monique Martell
A fun and thrilling read for 7 to 11 year-old boys and girls that will take them on an adventure with a young Canadian wolf, named Red.

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The Essential Guide to Retirement Readiness

The Essential Guide to Retirement Readiness — by Daniel Roy, CFP, FCSI, CRC — Website:
by Daniel Roy
Daniel Roy has authored this book on on the four pillars of Finances, Health & Wealthness, Relationships and Life Purpose for successful retirement.

Daniel Roy, CFP, FCSI, CRC, founder and CEO of Praxis Wealth Management, is a certified retirement coach and a financial planner with over 28 years of experience. He is also a speaker and trainer on wealth management strategies and retirement planning. Website:

For more information about The Essential Guide to Retirement Readiness, please click here.

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Let Me See Your Fancy Steps

Let Me See Your Fancy Steps! Story of a Métis Dance Caller & A Guide to Traditional Métis Dancing by Sylvie Sara Roy
by Sylvie Sara Roy
This is a story of Metis Dance Caller, Jeanne Pelletier as well as a guide to traditional Metis dancing. Jeanne, one of the first Métis woman dance callers of her time, reflects on the struggles that she endured. She inspired her students through maintaining “Respect” as a way of life. This book is a testimonial to the strength of vibrancy of Métis women, art and culture in Canada. It includes instructional and detailed guides of many popular Métis reels and dance calls.

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Gloucester Roots  (available through Budd Publishing)

Gloucester Roots by Lois Kemp
by Lois Kemp 

Stories and information on the heritage of the Township and City of Gloucester—an area that is now a part of Ottawa, Ontario.  Learn about the beginnings of this area just east and south of Ottawa. Learn about the people, original homes, schools, communities, activities, places, and community symbols and areas such as Blackburn, Orleans, Cumberland, Hog’s Back as well as other areas now in Ottawa. Books are available for purchase
To purchase this book please email (Lois Kemp was my Mom. From 1991 to 1997 I worked with her  (graphic design, writing) “The Gloucester Leader”, books, ie “Gloucester Roots, historical articles and posters. We would often celebrate the completion of our projects with a game of golf.


In My Garden: A Journal for the Home Gardener  (available through Budd Publishing)

In My Garden Journal by Evelyn Kemp Budd


Written, designed and published by  Evelyn Kemp Budd

This combination book and journal includes a section with useful information for the beginner gardener and also a wonderful refresher for the experience gardener. It is a place to keep your gardening dreams, successes, challenges, pictures, planting and blooming records as well as inspirational musings of why you love to garden.

My hope for you is that you will find this book relaxing, useful and that both you and your garden will blossom with abundance. ~ Evelyn

“In My Garden is an easy to read that plants informational seeds guaranteed to grow in any reader’s garden. It offers opportunities Read it, Reflect in it and then Rejoice in your own garden. “~ Pauline Fleming

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