Having lived in Blackburn all my life I am very proud to have published the BANAR since July 1997. The original Blackburn Community Club (BCC) printed the first newsletter January 1963 on a gestetner. In November 1967 the Publicity Committee which included Lois Kemp (my Mom), Clare O’Connor, Janice Tanquay and Terry Dooner accepted Terry’s suggestion to name the newsletter “BANAR” (Blackburn Area News And Reports).

The BANAR is delivered door to door five times a year to Blackburn homes and businesses to celebrate community and to provide information on local programs and events. Local businesses use the BANAR to stay “top of mind” to their present and future customers.

The BANAR is a high quality 28+ page, black print 8.5 x 11 inch magazine. Printing and other costs are covered by advertisers and the BCA. PDFs of past and the present issues of the BANAR are available for download from the Blackburn community website at  

Click here to download BANARS from 2014 to the latest issue.

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Banar April 2019 – April 2-2019

Deadlines for articles/ads and delivery info: 

  • Feb 2019 BANAR: Deadline January 16, 2019 / Delivery by February 5, 2019
  • April 2019 BANAR: Deadline March 13 / Delivery by April 1, 2019
  • June 2019 BANAR: Deadline May 8/ Delivery May 24–26, 2019
  • Sept 2019 BANAR: Deadline August 14 / Delivery by Sept 2,2019
  • Nov 2019 BANAR:Deadline  October 16 / Delivery by Nov 4, 2019

Dates may change so please check here before the deadline date if your ad or article is time sensitive. The BCA cannot guarantee delivery by the posted dates although every effort is made to have it out as soon as possible. If you have not received your BANAR by the date above please email 

Circulation for the September to April issues is 4,000; June issue is 4,500 (Fun Fair issue). Delivery — The BANAR is delivered to Blackburn homes and businesses by local community groups. There is a $10 /issue charge if you wish to have a BANAR mailed to you.

Additional copies of the BANAR are available at the Blackburn Library, Metro, Shoppers Drug Mart and Tim Hortons while quantities last.

Opportunity for groups to earn $350 (April, June, September, November) or $400 (February) by delivering the BANAR. Maps and instructions are provided to the co-ordinator with sixteen routes mapped out and with the number of BANARs required for each route. Each route takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. The co-ordinator is responsible for overseeing the delivery and making sure the delivery is done by the dates posted online/in the Banar. Email for more information. See the route cards by clicking here.

To avoid the chance of missing your articles and or photos please email to with “BANAR – name of article ” in the subject line. If you do not get an email back within 24 hours thanking you please call 613-824-9707  so it will not get missed. Illustrations and pictures must be high resolution—300 dpi. Due to space and content considerations the editor reserves the right to make changes. Anything submitted in a box is considered to be an ad and will be charged as outlined below.

Boxed Ads: Prices for a single ad and for the 5 ad package with a 10% discount (No taxes are charged)

  • A) • 2.4 w x 2.75 h / 3.65 w x 1.75 h: $40/issue ($180 for 5 issues)
  • Business card • 3.65w x 2h: $50/issue ($225 for 5 issues)
  • B) • 3.65 w x 2.75 h / 4.95 w x 2 h: $60/issue ($270 for 5 issues
  • C) • 4.95 w x 2.75 h / 3.65 w x 4.25 h: $80/issue ($360 for 5 issues)
  • D) • 3.65 w x 5.25 h / 4.95 w x 4 h: $100/issue ($450 for 5 issues)
  • E) • 7.5 w x 4.25 h / 4.95 w x 6.25 h: $140/issue ($630 for 5 issues)
  • F) • 4.95 w x 9.25 h: $200/issue ($900 for 5 issues)
  • Full page • 7.5 x 9.5  h: $300/issue ($1350 for 5 issues)

Ads are to be the correct size. Otherwise the price may vary slightly. MS Word, Photoshop (300 dpi), Quarkxpress and PDF files are all accepted. There is an additional cost for formatting ads or to make changes.

Business Profile: Free write-up for 1st time annual subscribers of the Size “C”  and larger ads. Please send in a rough draft written in the 3rd person. The edited article will be approximately 225 words and include a high resolution photo. Value is $175. Profiles are printed on a grayscale background or put in a 7.5″ w x 4.75″ h box. 

Payment: By e-transfer, cheque or cash. Payment must be made by the deadline date. Cheques are payable to “BCA”. Mail/hand delivery address: Evelyn Budd c/o Banar, 5729 Kemplane Court, Ottawa K1W 1B8.

Please e-mail for more information.

The Blackburn Community Association/Budd Graphics Inc. does not endorse or guarantee products or services advertised in the Banar or take responsibility for the print or web quality or legalities of photos and artwork provided by advertisers or outside sources in the Banar or on the BCA website.