I have retired as editor of the Blackburn Banar.  It was good run that started May 2/1997 for the August issue and ended with the November issue.

Blackburn is in good hands with long-time Blackburnite Kendra Brett (editor), Patty Morin, (graphic designer) and Joanne Smith (in charge of distribution).

A heartfelt thank you  to all the advertisers and the many writers who sent in updates. 

Kendra Brett can be reached at: Please put “Banar” and the “Subject Title” in the email subject line. Call 613-265-7661 to verify receipt if you did not get  a confirmation within 2 days.


The BANAR is published and delivered five times a year to Blackburn homes and businesses to celebrate community and to provide information on local programs and events.

The BANAR is a high quality 28+ page, black print 8.5 x 11 inch magazine. Printing and other costs are covered by advertisers and the BCA. PDFs of past and present issues of the BANAR are available for download from the Blackburn community website at  

BANAR community updates can be found on the BCA website, Facebook and online newsletter.  Sign-up to get the latest info.

Articles and Ads—Please send in the body of an e-mail or Microsoft Word to Editor Kendra Brett at   The editor reserves the right to make changes/corrections to articles.

I have many, many photos that I have taken over the past 50 years. Many can be found at More will be coming 🙂

I look forward to seeing you at future BCA events.

Evelyn Budd


P.S. Planning on writing a book on Blackburn! 🙂