Monty’s Midnight Meows

Monty's Midnight Meows written by Christine Inrig & illustrated by Heather Burrill

written by Christine Inrig & illustrated by Heather Burrill

A story of being lost then lovingly found, with an adventure through the night sky from Monty’s fanciful imagination. A fun educational Monty and Bella tale for the whole family to share.

Sustainable Eastern Ontario is a network organization that fosters partnerships and collaborations on sustainability activities throughout Eastern Ontario.
We support on the ground environmental projects, including night sky conservation initiatives because we know that when people spend time in nature, it can inspire them to tread more lightly on the earth.

Monty’s Midnight Constellation Sightings

This next part of Monty’s Midnight Meows shows two different versions of some constellations in the
northern summer’s night sky.
There is the original Greek constellation name and small description, followed by Monty’s interesting and imaginative interpretation of the same constellation of stars.
Of course, he has changed the names because this is what he sees when he looks up in the summer sky.
You may wish to read more on astronomy (astronomy is the study of natural objects visible in the sky) and can do so by going to your local library or by having someone read to you from the articles on the internet.

We hope you enjoy this part of Monty’s adventure!

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