HERITAGE — THE BIG SWAMP: The Life Journey of Robert James Griffin

HERITAGE — THE BIG SWAMP by Robert (Bob) James Griffin

Personal note from author Bob Griffin: After helping my dad, Lewis Griffin write an historical and personal account of the settlement on Gananoque Lake I wanted to put pen to paper to preserve not only my heritage but rather the heritage of hundreds of other families and individuals who have found the same peace and joy that I experience each day when I arrive at the lake.

I have written about my life’s journey for my daughters, Raechel Elizabeth and Caitlin Taylor, who represent seven generations of proud Griffins who have grown up in this beautiful area of eastern Ontario. I have also written this story of my life for Leila Elizabeth and Isabel Ezati, my granddaughters, so that they will have a record of where their roots are and where there is always some place to come back to.

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