The Adventures of Red

The Adventures of Red by Monique Martell, Illustrations by Jim Boucher

by Monique Martell, Illustrations by Jim Boucher

A fun and thrilling read for 7 to 11 year-old boys and girls that will take them on an adventure with a young Canadian wolf, named Red. The three main characters in the story include a young wolf called Red, his sister Ambie and a friend Bumby the big elk. When Red’s older brother Blue did not return to the den after a day’s hunting, Red and Bumby embark on an amazing journey to find him. Their adventure shows the qualities of teamwork, as well as sharing and helping one another–, especially in difficult times. It also emphasizes that there are consequences when wrong choices are made. Through their travels, the young readers will become aware of various cultures as well as learn about some famous landmarks. This book will introduce them to the wild life and geography throughout western Canada and Alaska. This fast-paced story, along with the beautiful and engaging colored illustrations, will please people of all ages.

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