Branding is about the message you want to convey about your company. It is NOT a pretty icon to put on business cards, letterhead and golf shirts. A discovery session is crucial at the start of any project whether it be book, business card or something in between.  Our session starts with five levels of questions that have a specific focus and reason. The result we aim for is that we find the perfect message that will brand you and your company.

The questions include:

  1. Amenity: These questions will break the ice, open the dialogue to your audience and gets the conversation started.
  2. Strategic: Questions of this nature focus on the big picture of what is out there now in the marketplace.
  3. Attention-Focusing: The bulk of the questions will fall into this category because they are designed to determine what your customer is looking for.
  4. Linkage: The purpose of asking these kinds of questions is to be able to help your customer connect the dots between your strategy and their existing problems.
  5. Envisioning: The last set of questions focus on the future and the ideal outcome after a particular problem has been solved. 

What will separate you from your competition.