Monty’s Soggy Day

Monty's Soggy Day written by Christine Inrig and illustrated by Heather Burrill

by Christine Inrig & illustrated by Heather Burrill

Endorsed by Sustainable Eastern Ontario

This little story is a true story written after Monty arrived home one day – soggy – all over soggy. Why, I wondered, was he wet with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. So I asked him, and this story is what we came up with together.

Also included is information on all the birds, animals flowers and plants that you will find on the beautifully illustrated pages.

Have you seen a crow feather in your Monty and Bella book? Well, Heather Burrill (the wonderful lady who painted all the pictures) and I decided it would be fun to have you find the feather in each picture in the story. I’m sure, that if you look really hard, you’ll find it.

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